10815031_10152871016084153_1866063659_oEngine: KTM EXC 500

Engine control unit: Maxx tuning

Air Intake System: Custom made intake including a 20 mm restrictor

Engine modification: Customized exhaust from Ferrita, Slipper clutch

Fuel: Gasoline, 99 octan

Top Speed: 130 km/h

Power: 62 hp

Weight: 170 kg

Body: Carbon fiber & Fiber glass (moulds made using CNC-mills)

Aerodynamics: Front wing, undertray with diffuser and rear wing equipped with electric DRS, CFD-simulated

Frame: One piece tubular space frame, mild steel, FEA-simulated

Brakes: Front: 4-piston brake calipers Rear: 2-piston brake caliper, custom made brake discs, 2 main brake cylinders and hydraulic brake balance adjuster

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