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1981 – The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) started the Formula SAE program in USA

1998 – IMechE in England started a partnership with the SAE where IMechE agreed to take care of the management of a European Formula Student project. The first European Formula Student competition was held on English ground by the next coming year.

During the years Formula Student has spread all over the world and is today represented in America, Asia, Europa and Australia.10818905_10152868951854153_740205708_n

Formula Student is:

  • A 10 month long project that eventually results in a one seated open racing car.
  • A technical project for primarily engineering students (but also for students in economy and media) which main purpose is to construct, manufacture and finally compete with the racing car against universities from all over the world.
  • A project that helps the students developing and that prepares them for their coming professional life.  During the project the students get to use their theoretical knowledge in the work to construct and manufacture the car. The students also get experience in working in group and projects and they also get experience in writing reports and in presentation technique. During the project the students also get lots of contacts with the industry.

Formula Student is growing more and more and is today represented at universities in over 50 countries all over the world. Each year around 400 new Formula Student cars are built and what all the participating students strive towards at the end of the project are to compete with their car in different Formula Student competitions around the world.

The competitions are divided into static and dynamic events which all are graded individually. In the static events the team’s theoretical knowledge has to be reported and the teams have to present and argument for their construction of the car, manufacturing methods and also for all costs regarding the car. In the dynamic events it´s more about the cars functions and here the cars acceleration, endurance and maneuver qualities are tested. The winner of the competition is the team that gets the best total score after the points from all the different events is put together. The competition and the teams placements is almost like a grade on how well the teams have succeeded in the art of being an engineer.

The largest Formula Student competition in Europe is held in Silverstone, England, where about 100 different team’s precipitates yearly. Below you can find a link to Formula Student England but here you can also find links to other Formula Student competitions – so check it out!

Formula Student England
Formula Student Germany
Formula Student Italy
Formula Student Austria
Formula Student Japan
Formula Student USA


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