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  1. At last! Something clear I can undetsrand. Thanks!

  2. John R.—I’m wrong on many things in life, just not on the items brought up here. I may be wrong about this: your post feels like it is full of anger and bitterness. It sounds like you want to yell at me instead of having a discussion. From your words alone, it looks like you have a lot of issues to work out. Consider these as my last words to you (this is not a frivolous suggestion, but a sincere one): see a good therapist. Good luck John.

  3. Ok, I managed to install the new (500 Gb) drive, but MacOS doesnt recognize it. Do I need to format it before? And also I noticed that my new 2.5inch drive has a power connector that is different from the apple hard drive. Are all 2.5inch drives compatible for this upgrade? Do I have the wrong drive of do I need to format the drive?

  4. Thanks for the props for Mar 26. I was wondering if there was still enough anti-Sinead sentiment that some Pope lovers would get down on me for the slogan…. guess it’s sort of obscure now but you never know what some people will get down on you for. I got some letters saying I was disprespecing Princess Di when I had Elton John sing “Goodbye Poncho’s Chew Toy.”Which strip you refering to about not wanting to make Dad look too harsh?

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