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  1. Considerando a velha preferência otomana em aniquilar vizinhos bastante voltados para a alta música, também sou levado a considerar que o cancioneiro turco não deve lá merecer mais de um minuto de cotelmpnação.Só espero que a "Rock FM" deles um pouco melhorzinha que a Kiss de São Paulo, que desde quando entrou pro grupo CBS virou um realejo de originalidade.

  2. Kim,May this new year bring us joy, comfort…And more chocolate.Sod resolutions is what I say. But, in a moment of madness, I got myself registered on an internet dating site, so that’s something I guess.Anyway, rooting for you on your hellish journeyxxxLady E recently posted..

  3. Here is a question to Jewish Athiest and others like him. It’s the late twenty-first century. You are in charge of the national government. A small organization of a few thousand people have aquired 64 square miles of land. They decided that they are sovereign and possess a dozen homemade nukes (or equivalent thereof) as a deterrent. Other small organizations of “your” citizens have also done the same thing within your nation-state. Will you send in your SWAT teams or would you recognize these little territories as sovereign microstates?I will be waiting for your answer.

  4. Ce que j’ai pu en faire quand j’étais petite !! Il y en avait partout : au rétro des voitures de mes parents, sur les porte-clefs, aux fenêtres…

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