Niclas Huss – Team leader for body and aerodynamics

10900217_767174133373347_4050939240776567365_oAnother experienced team member here in Clear River Racing is Niclas Huss. He is busy helping another team member with CAD when we interrupt him for a quick interview.

Niclas Huss is a 26-years old Master of Science student within mechanical engineering on his fifth term. Last year he was a member of body and aerodynamics and this year he is the team leader of the very same group.

Due to the new regulations regarding the size of the aero package, the size of the wings had to be reduced which will make it more difficult to reach the goals when it comes to downforce. Because of this, Niclas and his group have spent a lot of time and energy to make CFD simulations of the aerodynamics to come up with a good aero package to the car, which will give a lot of downforce, minimal air resistance and also contribute to a more balanced car.

An important task for Niclas this year is to have a working pneumatic drag reduction system, which was cancelled last year due to lack of time. So this year the team started early with the DRS.

Soon Niclas will travel to USA for 6 months to study at Montana state university, where he will study courses within composites and aerodynamics. We are really excited for Niclas and we will all miss him! So if you are in Montana, make sure you look up this man, you won’t regret it!

Thank you Niclas and have fun in USA. We are looking forward to see you again soon!

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