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Magdalena Cederlöf – our project manager!10633926_747472435343517_4429060436781971881_o
Magdalena is to be found where the action is, but she always has time for her team members, so we got hold of her for a quick interview.
She is a 23-years old Master of Science student in mechanical engineering on her fifth term.
Her vision is to make it to Silverstone with a dependable car that will cross the finish line in all events and perform better than all previous years.
To achieve this her focus has been to have a good communication between the groups and have clear goals, both quality wise and time wise.
One of these goals is to have a dependable car that will hold up and is ready for testing at week 18.
Magdalena is a good leader because of her ability to achieve results and because of her previous experience in Clear River Racing. Last year she was in the group that built the body & aerodynamics for the car.
When asked what she thinks is the most important when managing a project like this she answers ”to keep the team tightly welded together and make sure the team members have fun all the way” with a big smile.



  1. Hola, Magdalena, un abrazo desde Espaf1a, me alrgeo mucho de conocer tu candidatura a Vitacura porque tu trabajo va a ser pruductivo, gratificante y sobre todo valioso para la Educacif3n de esa Municipalidad. Este1s muy formada para dar un empuje de calidad y para ser gueda y orientadora de procesos educativos y de estructuras que actualmente este1n en vanguardia de Europa y que tfa sabes que son los motores del desarrollo de un paeds porque aportar pf2r una Educacif3n de Calidad, es apostar por un futuro con potencial. Sabes que cuentas conmigo como Cordinadora Educativa y con mi Equipo Pedagf3gico de Espaf1a para todo lo que necesites en Chile, un paeds que adoro. Un abrazo grande y FELICIDADES a1a1a1a1

  2. It’s about time someone wrote about this.

  3. I’m also a big chicken – I don’t like to take risks. But, then again I wish I did. Imagine living life without fear? How awesome would that be. Perhaps short, but awesome none-the-less..-= The Baby Mama´s last blog .. =-.

  4. Much obliged, folks …Haydo – sorry, squire, but it’s not only all that long ago, but it’s even longer ago than you think … take off the rose-tinted specs, man. Rafe – I’m with you on Seanag’s title …Dana – It’s actually a post-modern meta-fiction … I publish a novel of blank pages, and you write in the kind of story you think I’d tell. We’re planning to give away crayons with the sequel …Cheers, Dec

  5. Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

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