Results 2010

Overall score:

Placed 28 of 76 teams.

Results in the different competion events:

Business Presentation:

Points 50,8 of 75 available.

Cost & Sustainability:

Points 67 of 100 available.


Points 98 of 150 available.


Points 68,7 of 75 available.


Did not finish.


Points 25,5 of 50 available.


Points 7,5 of 150 available.

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  1. Hi Kanchan,I fully agree with you in some respect and do not agree at all in othres. I think you are right on your view about these people who have never seen how big is Ocean. They are living in a well from where they donot like to come out throughout their life. They used to say oh, i heard about Nepal in CNN or BBC or FOX news, because they want to show us that they are smart. But i feel pity to these people that they want to show themselves smart by telling piece of news. I wish i never had such felling about other countries how poorer this country may be.

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