Engine: Yamaha YZF-R6 600cc (2003)

Engine Control Unit: Vi-PEC V44

Air Intake System: Custom-made manifold with a restrictor (20mm, FSAE regulations)

Engine Modification: Modified cylinderhead and camshafts, custom exhaust(4-2-1)

Fuel: Gasoline, 99 octane

Top Speed: 120 km/h

Power: 87 hp

Weight: 229 kg

Body: Carbon fiber TeXtreme (The body is handcrafted and shaped from handmade molds)

Chassis: Custom made and manufactured by students

Brakes: 4 piston calipers, custom made brake discs, 2 main cylinders with mechanical brake balance units


CRR 2010


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  2. Buenas noches, Ibai. Este en concreto es de vitro, es bastante frecuente encontrarlo pero es bastante más caro que el de barro o vitro. Te busco la referencia del modelo y te digo el precio aproximado a lo largo del fin de semana. Un saludo.

  3. I take it you meant the response to just go to me and not be posted. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I mostly just found the sites with Google. There were a couple I didn’t include because they were only in Chinese. Some had buttons to see the English version, but they didn’t work. Dan

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