About us


In July 2007 Göran Karlsson (Formula Students faculty advisor at Karlstad University) brought a group of students to Silverstone Circuit to see what Formula Student was all about and to see how the competition worked. The idea of the trip was that it would result in the start of a Formula Student project at Karlstad University – which happened in the fall of 2007.

Clear River Racing is the name that the team took when building the first car, CRR08, and it is still the name that is used for the Formula Student project at Karlstad University. Clear River Racing has participated nine times in the competitions at Silverstone Circuit and in July 2017, Clear River Racing finished in third place.

Besides participating in the competition at Silverstone Circuit Clear River Racing has participated in the competition Baltic open for four years as well as having hosted the competition at one time. Baltic open is an unofficial competition for Formula Student team’s where focus lies on dynamic events – the driving. Static events such as reports and presentations are replaced with more racing and the winner gets the honor to arrange the competition for the next year. Scrutineering is of course still a mandatory part during these unofficial competitions to make sure the cars are safe enough to enter the track.

After Clear River Racing placed as number three in Baltic open in Tallin 2010 we got the chance to host the competition in Karlstad during 2011, even though we didn’t win. In August 2011 we arranged the competition in Karlstad and it was a very fun and successful event!

There is also a world ranking of Formula Student teams, Formula Student World, where Clear River Racing at the moment is placed 77th of a total of 551 teams. The placement on the world ranking list is based on the results from the last three years official Formula Student competitions. This particular world ranking includes teams who uses a combustion engine.


Formula Student at Karlstad University is run as a separate course and therefore not included in any engineering program at the university. This means that the students participate in Clear River Racing during their free time outside of their regular studies. Because of the demanding schedule most students participate only for one season, but the exciting side of it is the great variety of students with different majors and experiences who not only learns a substantial amount of knowledge in engineering, but also how to participate in a real case project during their time at the university. Clear River Racing cooperated with students majoring in PR and marketing to expand the brand and include students of other majors than engineering.

The university has a workshop which the students have access to at all times. The workshop include machines such as manual lathes and mills, CNC lathe and mills, a wood working workshop, a welding room (MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG), carbon fiber moulding room and various hand held tools.

Workshop at Karlstad University