About clear river racing

A new project year has started and the team for 2021 has taken form, it will be the 14th consecutive year we run this project, and this is the first year we are building an electric car.

The team consists of students from Karlstad University who are designing and building the car from scratch.

The aim of Formula Student and Clear River Racing is to inspire and develop enterprising and innovative young engineers.

Our best placement so far was the summer of 2017 when we placed third out of 108 teams with a total score of 732.9 at Silverstone UK. Our intention is to attend at least two international competitions in 2021.

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Our battery supplier Energus

The year of electrification comes with new obstacles and new possibilities.

Thanks to Energus for supporting us with their power solutions. Energus is a company that strives to help teams in different industries with their smart solutions.

Some examples modular batteries, BMS and custom battery to their customers satisfaction.

If you want to know more about Energus Power Solutions check them out here.


Team 2021

See the team of 2021 here